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Destination Management

One of the many things that 2020 will change is the way we travel. Destination marketers will have to be creative, nimble, and able to rely on strong relationships in the travel industry and travel media.  Thankfully, Latitude PR has all of that in spades.  The other feathers in our cap are trade relations, stakeholder management and securing the right partnerships (JMPs). 

destination marketing PR Byron Bay

Securing earnt media or media coverage that hasn’t been paid for is the heart and soul of public relations.  Latitude PR has strong relationships with the Australian media, which will give your brand the extra push that it needs.

With years in sport PR, travel PR and politics, the team at Latitude have a long list of brands and events that they’ve represented, including international rugby tests, destinations and running key seat campaigns in state elections.  Thankfully not all at the same time.

Publicity - PR Agency Byron Bay

Understanding the machinations of government and knowing how to advocate for a client is a skill that Latitude PR prides itself on.   

With years of experience working not only for Shadow Minsters on policy issues, but also in the local electorate on local matters, we can successfully advocate on your behalf to get your matter or business in front of Australia’s decision makers. 

Advocacy - hospitality and events Gold Coast
Copywriting and SEO

The quality of words we use to sell our brand make a difference, not only to consumers but to the all-powerful search engines.  Did you know that Google rewards quality content when ranking sites?  Every word listed on your website or blog is rewarded or punished.  These days copy writers have the edge over coders in terms of how to get a higher ranking in search engine sites.

Latitude PR can turn over any copy you need, with a keen eye on SEO to make sure your content falls in front of the right eyeballs.

Copywriting & SEO - SEO Byron Bay
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